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Twilight Suitcases
/ 2023

118 photos, Suitcases, and 4-channel audio

As a way to restore our curiosity for the slow changes in our environment, the Twilight Suitcases  re-signify audiovisual data collected from sunsets around the world to capture the ephemeral qualities of change, locality, duration, and time.  The technique developed for this piece allows us to experience a slowly changing expressive "luminous landscape" that is normally inaccessible by photographing a blank piece of paper every minute of sunset. The piece of paper is subsequently marked with the date and time of sunset to be included in the exposition.


During this process, the soundscape of each site is recorded and then analyzed to recover, in the form of pure tones, the main frequency components of each minute.  By playing side by side the different reinterpreted soundscapes, the project reveals different ways in which reality and sunset time scales are locally experienced. 


In the Koblenz 31st Koblenz International Guitar Festival  the following sunsets were shown: Koblenz 8th May 2023, Berlin  25th September 2022, and Reykjavik 7th March 2023.

* Stereo mixdown sample

Special thanks to SĪM residency, the European Union, the Goethe Institute through Culture Moves Europe, and Die Freundeskreis der Musikhochschule Mainz for supporting the creation of this work.


Disclaimer: This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

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