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Hommage to Ligeti
Lux aeterna
/ 2023

In collaboration with Wingel Mendoza
Sound Installation
Candle,  3 lights, 3 speakers and textil

Video: Juan Bermudez

"Lux Aterna" is a composition by György Ligeti where voices are temporarily suspended, as compositional processes occur sporadically, creating different sonic spaces.


In Juan Bermúdez and Wingel Mendoza's installation "Homage to Ligeti," an instant and eternity intersect. The flame of a candle finds infinity through three hanging fabrics in the space. As the candle burns down, the disappearance of its shadow creates visual and sonic micro-polyphonies that fade over time. Thus, the extinguishing of the candle gives life to other perceptual mediums. The sound composition also reflects this crossroads between moments and eternity.

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