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Time Canvases: Time Canvases live in the Santa Clara's museum
/ 2019

Pieces by Indemo (Juan bermudez, Sergio Rusinque) and María Alejandra Bulla
In collaboration with María Alejandra Bulla 

This performance was created in association with the music composer Maria Bulla working on the relationship between sound, time, and space.

The ensemble, located behind a giant holed wood wall, plays uninterruptedly  - for about an hour - each listener puts together their own experience. Through the exploration of the museum space new listening possibilities open up due to the slight acoustic differences of the place.

"Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful, without having to believe that there are fairies in it too?"

Douglas Adams

Camila Arana - Cello
Mateo Cruz - Trumpet
Andrés Ariza - Trombone
Ana Bedoya - Cello
Juan David Bermúdez - Electric Guitar
María Alejandra Bulla - Synth
Sergio Rusinque - Synth
Video - Camila Camacho, Juana Tobón, Tilo Gómez, and Santiago Álvarez
Audio - Juan David Bermudez and Sergio Rusinque

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