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Echoes of the Fireflies 
/ 2021

Performance / Sound Installation
QR codes, Smartphones, and 4 channel playback
Video: Danbi Jeung
Audio: Wingel Mendoza
Edit: Juan Bermúdez

You are alive because you sound. Existence and sound are intimately related and as long as we continue living we will be a medium for sound to travel across our world, to form and transform relationships in our immediate surroundings.


In the darkness of the night when our sight is not ideal, sound becomes even more important to us. It guides us and allows us to discover others. By scanning the QR code, you and your phone give a new sound a chance to be born, and in return, the sound will also affect you and how the outer world relates to you. The aim of this piece is not to anthropomorphize the world by making it ‘speak’, but quite the opposite, to create an opportunity to experience a non-anthropocentric relationship network that can account for traffic in both directions. 

Echoes of the Fireflies 
/ 2021

Sensing Potential Worlds Version. Zeppelin University. Friedrichshafen, Germany.
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