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Alles in Ordnung
/ 2024

Interactive Installation
145 cm x 77 cm 
Recycled aluminum shavings, aluminum frame, microphone, computer, and a hidden speaker.

This work was commissioned for the Charivari exhibition. The exhibition focuses on Charivari, Katzenmusik, Cacerolazo, and similar terms that refer to public rituals of noise-making with pots and pans, historically used for social disapproval, which have evolved into global, non-violent forms of political protest.

Nowadays one of the most common materials found in pots and pans is aluminum.  Alles in Ordnung  is an interactive artwork that deconstruct this material to question the political weight that individuals have within a space. Reflecting on the agency and socio-political impact of individuals, the piece  resemble a welcome doormat. Each time a visitor steps on, the altered sound of the aluminum shavings, inspired by the sonic characteristics of a cacerolazo, echoes through the gallery. However, this sonic reaction is randomly delayed, creating tension and confusion as visitors anticipate when their actions will trigger a reaction in the space. 


As in pots and pans protests, destruction and sacrifice are essential components in the process of modifying the current state of affairs. Guests gradually erase the message painted on top of the aluminum, transforming passive observation into active participation.

Video: Juan Bermudez
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