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...Y yo me quedo cantando aquí
/ 2022

Sound Installation
Zinc tubs, 6-channel audio, and paper boats
Video: Danbi Jeung
Edit: Juan Bermúdez

My grandmother used to sing an old song called "se va la lancha". (the boat is leaving). This work uses different versions of the song in a poetic representation of the situation and as a conversation between the song's intriguing migratory history and early 20th-century domestic life. A parallel to the Loreley, only a few kilometers up the Rhine from the exhibition venue, which distracted the boatmen with its song and beauty, so that they crashed and drowned and thus never returned, is quite intentional.

“The boat is leaving, it is leaving
it leaves with the fisherman
and in that boat that crosses the sea
my love is leaving too.
who knows until when the boat will not return?
and I'm left singing here: it goes, it goes, it goes.”

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