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Weil sie keinen Kaffee pflückten 
/ 2021

Installation / Performance
Modified food dispenser, coffee on paper, and 6402 coffee beans
Dimensions variable 
Video: Peter Kiefer and Wingel Mendoza
Edit: Juan Bermúdez

Weil sie keinen Kaffee pflückten is a requiem for the 6402 innocent citizens that were killed by the Colombian army in an operation that now is named “False positives”. 

When the former president was asked about the scandal, he replied: “the disappeared youth did not go to pick up coffee, they went for criminal purposes” later investigations found that this was a lie.  The food dispenser automatically drops 6402 coffee beans and the sound it falling gives a “voice” to the victims and functions as a medium in which sound brings back memories of their existence.

Video: Sabine Herke
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