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We are the unquiet
/ 2021

Postcard and interactive collaborative piece webpage 
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In collaboration with María Alejandra Bulla

WE ARE THE UNQUIET  is an interactive collaborative piece website developed in the year 2021. The project was created under the guidelines of the world listening day 2021 event and premiered on the 18th of July 2021.

Visit on:

Artboard 1_1-100.jpg

Original email invitation sent on July 2021 


María Alejandra Bulla and Juan Bermúdez - Postcards and concept

Mark Peter Wrigh - Contribution

Danbi Jeung - Contribution

Brian Morones - Contribution

Eric Lennartson - Contribution

María Camila Mendoza- Contribution

Eliot Burk - Contribution

Sal Alvarado - Contribution

Sergio Cote Barco- Contribution

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