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Viajando a través de extraños mares de pensamiento 
/ 2019 

Performance 2 hours
Pieces by Indemo (Juan bermudez, Sergio Rusinque) and María Alejandra Bulla
In collaboration with María Alejandra Bulla 

The performance was created in association with the Colombian music composer Maria Bulla to experiment with the relationship between sound, time, and space.

The ensemble, located inside the Folly played uninterruptedly  - about two hours - each listener puts together their own experience. Through the exploration of the nearby park new listening possibilities open up due to the slight acoustic differences that are created in the place.


María​ ​Alejandra​ ​Bulla​ ​-​ ​Synth
Sergio Rusinque​ ​-​ ​Synth
Juan David Bermudez​ ​-​ Synth
María Camila Mendoza - Voice
María Paula Vásquez - Voice

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