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Twilight Suitcases
/ 2024

Multimedia Installation
Suitcases, 2-channel video and 4-channel audio.
Video: Juan Bermudez

Twilight Suitcases highlights the gradual transformations in our environment. This work re-signifies audiovisual data collected from sunsets around the world, exploring the ephemeral aspects of change and locality. The technique developed for this piece allows visitors to experience the changing "luminous landscape", something that is normally inaccessible to us, by photographing a blank paper every minute at sunset. On the three video strips, the collected photographs of each sunset slowly advance showing their evolution over time. 

Sound also plays an important role in this project, the soundscape of each site is recorded and analyzed to recover, in the form of pure tones, the main frequency component of every minute. By playing side by side the different reinterpreted versions, the project explores different ways in which time scales are locally experienced.

In the Noisestadt: Tage für Klangkunst exhibition in the Kulturbäckerei  the following sunsets were shown: Koblenz 8th May 2023, Mainz  28th March 2022, and Reykjavik 7th March 2023.

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