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Timescape No. 3
40 melodies
/ 2023

40 Perforated paper strips
Video: Ferdinand Ledoux 

40 Melodies is a performance that explores the intersection between pop culture and modern values of work and time by giving a voice to the phrase "time may change me" by means of a music box . 

40 melodies

For killing my time?

For wasting my time?

For wasting your time?

40 melodies

The unproductiveness of constant change

Should I keep wasting my time?

The beauty of unproductive landscapes

And the beauty of wasting your time

Layers and layers of wasted time

Unprofitable moments


40 melodies

But could you trace time?

The performance took place during the SĪM residency and was supported by the European Union and the Goethe Institute.

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