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Sounds of absence
/ 2022

Audio piece.  3:53 min.
Stereo electroacoustic composition

What is the sound of absence? … 


… was the question that Peter Kiefer, head of the group ARS (art research sound) at the Mainz Music School asked when the first lockdown of the Covid-19-pandemic came into place. All the perspectives collected in this compilation are individual and mirror the different situations in the different countries. The situation in Bogota, Frankfurt, Kobe, New York, London, Nairobi and Vilnius were all different, as are the fates by those affected by the pandemic. But this pandemic is also something we all experience and in our different experiences we are united. 

*Introductory text by Joshua Weitzel 

Inner Voices (All we have left is noise) 

Microphones are transducers, they convert energy and work as bridges between worlds. But what happens when our world becomes quieter and there is almost nothing to convert? Suddenly, we begin to hear the bridge itself and that each bridge has a unique whole set of sounds that otherwise go unnoticed.

You can order and listen to this compilation work

on the label 's website by clicking here.


Peter Kiefer - Project direction

Joshua Weitzel and Wingel Mendoza - Compilation Curation

Moritz Reinisch - Master engineer 

Wingel Mendoza - Cover Art

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