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/ 2021

Multimedia Installation
Arduino modified table lamp, 4 channel audio, beamer, and 42 inch TV.


How many worlds are enclosed in an object? How many of them can we perceive? Some cycles are so slow that they run unnoticed. For fractions of a second, these cycles align and create new worlds, these new worlds, although complex, are finite. In Órbitas, various musical materials function as independent worlds that eventually interact with each other, thus creating new worlds.

Virtuality in the contemporary world has entered this cyclical universe and has connected things that were previously unconnectable. Is the virtual representation of the object a new world? Who perceives these new worlds? all potential worlds come from the collision of two or more orbits meeting. The viewer, the object, the new virtual object representation, all these factors create an ecosystem where for fractions of a second we can come to perceive all possibilities of an encounter.

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