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One part of something bigger, follow the pathway the light is showing 
/ 2020

Streamed online performance 12 hours
Pieces by Juan bermudez and María Alejandra Bulla
In collaboration with María Alejandra Bulla 

Thanks to the speed of light, we broadcasted live sounds for 12 hours. 12 hours of music, of ambient music. We were in different places on the planet, and we invited people to join -in a very subtle way- whoever wants to listen from their own place. Each location has its lights and sounds, and we wanted to create an experience in which we were able to listen to them. 


What does listening mean now?


How do we relate to the spaces that we have inhabited -often- for more than 15 years?


Have you been able to listen to yourself in these spaces?


Through listening, we want to become aware of all the relationships in which we are active participants. Relationships between space, sound, and us, as performers and spectators. No individual elements should be attempted to be understood by themselves.


María Alejandra Bulla​ ​-​ ​Video editing, recording, and music 
Juan David Bermudez​ ​-​ Video recording and music

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