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Klanglinie: Aachener Strasse <-> Simeonstiftsplatz
/ 2021

Sound Installation
Seven speakers, QR codes in different venues around Trier, and street signs.
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Video: Sabine Herke

Each location of the Opening Trier 2021  exhibition had a sound identity formed from the works of the selected artists. These venues were small islands of sound floating around Trier. Klanglinie Aachener Straße↔ Simeonstiftsplatz sought to connect the dots between all these places and artists, creating sound bridges and as a result using forms of communication that wouldn't be possible otherwise.


In this sound-line, the Städtisches Museum Simeonstift functioned as the first or last destination of the exhibition. There, all the newborn sounds coexisted in a composition that functioned both as a diffused memory and a preview of what the visitors were going to encounter in the exhibition.

Samples provided by:

Wingel Mendoza
Stefan Fricke
Meike Borchers
Nicola Hein
Danbi Jeung
Anahita Ghasemi Nasab
Hyunju Oh
Joshua Weitzel
Kam Seng Aung

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