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In Between Skins
/ 2023

In collaboration with Leon Senger 

Drums and electronics
Video:  Arne Hertstein

In this concert specially conceived for the festival, artists Leon Senger and  Juan Bermúdez explore the complex sound spectra of drums and cymbals. With the help of special microphones and self-developed software synthesizers, the sound spectra of the instruments will be examined closely and become the source material for the performance. The performance  is not about technical feasibility, but about detaching the drums from their usual functionality and experiencing the instrument in an unfamiliar way.

"That which exists, whatever this might be, coexists because it exists. The co-implication of existing [l'exister] is the sharing of the world. A world is not something external to existence; it is not an extrinsic addition to other existences; the world is the coexistence that puts these existences together...."

Jean-Luc Nancy in  Being Singular Plural  

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