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Entre los sonidos crecen las montañas
/ 2020

24 handmade booklets and webpage 
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special thanks to Dr. Salomé Voegelin

Entre los sonidos crecen las montañas is an interactive booklet and website developed in the year 2020. This was a project developed in the Covid-19 pandemic to rediscover and create new channels for art circulation. 


With help of the postal service, people around Germany, USA, and Colombia received a booklet with sound poetry, text scores, and listening exercises to be performed alone or with the help of others.


This book propose you listen to sound as a fabric of relationships in which every part of the real and fictional environment takes a crucial part in the final result (even you). Try to listen through the space and forget, for a while, about listening through time. You may discover, in this new way of listening, another type of time. A time that has more in common with mountains than with the ticking of your watch…

Click here to see a PDF of the Booklet

Click here to see the letter sent in the mail with the booklet.

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